Vermont Title Loophole Cancelled For 2023 – Now what?

If you’ve been following our channel, you’ve likely heard us caution against the Vermont registration process for the past few years. Recently, the state of Vermont has announced the cessation of accepting applications from non-residents, officially closing the loophole. If you were considering or relying on this method, it’s time to explore alternative options. In this blog post, we’ll discuss two viable alternatives and why they may be better choices for obtaining a car title.

Why Was Vermont Not the Best Choice?

The Vermont process had several drawbacks, even when it was available. It was time-consuming, taking three to four weeks for processing orders. Moreover, many states had already issued alerts stating they wouldn’t accept Vermont registrations, making it less useful for vehicle owners. Additionally, the costs associated with Vermont, including sales tax and registration fees, often exceeded alternative methods.

Option 1: Bonded Title

One common misconception about bonded titles is the belief that you need to pay 1.5 times the vehicle value in cash. This is incorrect. Instead, you purchase a surety bond for the required amount. For instance, if you have a $6,000 car, the bond may cost around $100. This method is cost-effective, faster than Vermont, and doesn’t require waiting for registration before transferring it to your state.

Option 2: Court Order Title

The court order title, also known as a magistrate title, is a powerful alternative that allows you to bypass DMV red tape. You file three forms—petition, affidavit, and a letter of non-interest—with your local County Court. If the court approves the documents, they will sign off on them, and you become the legal owner of the vehicle. You can then bring the judgment to the DMV to obtain the title. This method is often faster than Vermont and doesn’t involve paying sales tax to Vermont.

The Benefits of Bonded and Court Order Titles

  1. Cost-Effective: Both options are generally more affordable than the Vermont process, especially when considering sales tax and registration fees.
  2. Faster Processing: Bonded and court order titles are often processed more quickly than Vermont registrations.
  3. Avoiding Red Tape: If you’ve faced difficulties with the DMV, these methods allow you to obtain a title without going through traditional channels.

How to Proceed

To explore these options further, visit our website car for detailed instructions and forms. You can watch instructional videos for a DIY approach, email our help desk for basic queries, or schedule a one-on-one consultation with a title agent. Additionally, we offer title services to assist you throughout the process.

While the closure of the Vermont loophole may disappoint some, it’s crucial to recognize that alternative methods were always more efficient and cost-effective. The bonded title and court order title options provide a legitimate and quicker way to obtain a title without the complexities associated with Vermont. Don’t let the end of Vermont discourage you; embrace these alternatives for a smoother and more straightforward process.

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