Vermont Title Loophole Canceled? Now What?

In this blog post, we’ll explore what to do if you’re hesitant to play the odds or simply don’t want to take the chance with the Vermont loophole. As we’ve consistently advocated, bonded titles or court order titles are superior alternatives.

Better Options: Bonded Title and Court Order Title

Before dismissing bonded or court order titles, let’s address common misconceptions. For a bonded title, the myth that you have to pay 1.5 times the vehicle’s price is inaccurate. While most states mandate a surety bond equal to 1.5 times the vehicle value, the actual cost of the bond is typically around $100. This is often less than what Vermont registration would have cost, not accounting for taxes.

As for court order titles, the process is more straightforward than you might think. Contrary to the assumption that it involves a full-blown courtroom drama, it’s a matter of filing documents. The judge reviews and signs off on them, and you submit them to the DMV. The duration is comparable to Vermont processing times, and in many cases, it takes around 30 days.

The Vermont Challenge: A Low Probability Game

Now, let’s revisit the Vermont challenge. The official document states that the Vermont DMV won’t process transactions unless the owner can establish a legitimate connection to Vermont. Obtaining a form signed by your home state’s DMV is an additional hurdle, with most states requiring residents to register vehicles locally.

This process is fraught with low probability, and even if your state doesn’t explicitly require local registration, convincing them to sign the form may be an uphill battle. Bonded and court order titles, on the other hand, offer almost 100% probability of success, provided the vehicle has a clean history and you’re not attempting anything sketchy.

Blessing in Disguise: Post-Vermont Opportunities

If you find yourself lamenting the closure of the Vermont loophole, consider it a blessing in disguise. The alternatives were always better, and now you have the opportunity to follow the correct procedures. Don’t despair; visit our website for detailed instructions, videos, and guidance. Embrace this change as an opportunity to do things the right way.

The Vermont era may be over, but the avenues available now are not only legitimate but also more efficient and cost-effective. Good luck on your journey, and remember, the right path is often the one that avoids shortcuts.

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