Vermont Car Title Loophole Restrictions

Understanding the Shift in Vermont’s Title Registration Policies

For our dedicated viewers who have been following our channel for years, it’s time to address a significant development in the much-discussed Vermont loophole. This loophole, which has piqued the interest of vehicle enthusiasts for over a decade, is undergoing substantial changes in the coming weeks. While there might still be some avenues to explore, it’s crucial to be aware of the new requirements set forth by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The Vermont DMV’s Latest Bulletin

The Vermont DMV has recently issued a bulletin titled “Out-of-State Registration Certification” (Form 6/23, dated June 2023). This new form is a clear indication that the Vermont DMV has collaborated with other state jurisdictions to redefine and regulate the process of registering out-of-state vehicles.

Establishing a Legitimate Connection

The Vermont DMV now evaluates all out-of-state transactions based on the laws, regulations, and policies of the vehicle owner’s home state. In essence, Vermont requires a legitimate connection to the state for processing such transactions. The DMV explicitly states that it will not process these transactions unless the applicant can establish this legitimate connection.

New Form Requirements

To meet the new requirements, vehicle owners seeking the Vermont loophole must complete the “Out-of-State Registration Certification” form. This form serves as a declaration that the applicant is the vehicle owner and is applying for registration. The critical component is the certification by the home state’s motor vehicle department or a comparable agency, stating that their laws do not mandate the vehicle’s registration.

The Review Process

Once the Vermont DMV receives the required information, its law enforcement division will review the request. The outcome may lead to either the approval or denial of the application. During this process, the DMV staff may request additional information from the owner or their home state.

Our Ongoing Recommendation

As always, we recommend exploring alternative methods for obtaining a title rather than relying on the Vermont loophole. This loophole has its downsides, including high sales taxes and processing delays. Bonded titles, court order titles, or other methods available on our website might be more cost-effective and efficient for your situation.

The Blessing in Disguise

While some may still be tempted to pursue the Vermont loophole, it’s essential to recognize that the closure of this option could be a blessing in disguise. Opting for a more appropriate process can save you time, money, and potential legal complications. Our team at is ready to assist and guide you through the title process, ensuring a smoother and legally sound experience. Remember, our goal is to make acquiring a title easier for you, and there are alternative methods that may better suit your needs.

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