Validation Of Title Lien Release Process

For years, the quest for a hassle-free lien release on a vehicle has been a topic of discussion. Recent events surrounding American Car Center have shed light on the importance of understanding and validating the methods we’ve advocated for over a decade. In this blog post, we delve into the backstory of American Car Center and explore the process of securing a lien release.

The American Car Center Debacle:

American Car Center, a sizable dealership organization with 40 to 50 locations across the Southeast, recently faced financial turmoil, leaving customers in a quandary. The company operated as a Buy Here Pay Here lot, offering in-house financing to buyers. When the dealership went out of business, customers were left wondering about their outstanding payments, titles, and the complexities associated with lien releases.

Our Longstanding Recommendation:

Our recommendation, echoed over the years, remains consistent: if you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle is either a charge-off, a write-off, or if there are concerns about the title or lien release, it’s crucial to request a lien release from the lien holder. However, the method of making this request is of utmost importance.

The Right Way to Request a Lien Release:

Instead of reaching out by phone, email, or in person, the most effective approach is to submit a written request for a lien release. This involves preparing a specific lien release document, printing it, mailing it to the lien holder for signature, and including a return envelope for convenience. This method, outlined in our videos dating back to the 1990s, has proven to be a reliable way to secure a lien release.

Better Business Bureau’s Confirmation:

In the aftermath of the American Car Center crisis, many affected individuals sought guidance from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Brian Oglesby, a representative from BBB, advised customers uncertain about making payments or obtaining their car title to request a release of lien form from the DMV. The process aligns with our long-standing recommendation, emphasizing the importance of providing a self-addressed stamped envelope to simplify the procedure.

Validating Our Approach:

The BBB’s response aligns almost word for word with our advice, reinforcing the notion that most companies lack a dedicated lien release department. This validation from the BBB serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our recommended method for obtaining a lien release, even when money is still owed.

The American Car Center controversy has placed tens of thousands of individuals in a precarious situation regarding their vehicle titles. It is crucial to approach the lien release process correctly, ensuring that requests are made in writing and following the outlined procedure. While continuing payments, customers can take proactive steps to safeguard their vehicle titles, ultimately preventing the loss of both their vehicle and the invested funds over time.

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