Using the “Steel Man” Technique In Mediations

In the realm of negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations, the conventional approach often involves presenting a compelling case to weaken the opposing party’s stance. However, a powerful yet counterintuitive technique, known as the Steel Man technique, is gaining prominence for its ability to transform communication dynamics positively. This blog post explores what the Steel Man technique is and how its application in mediation can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Understanding the Steel Man Technique: Traditionally, negotiating parties focus on dismantling the other side’s arguments, searching for weaknesses, and exploiting them to their advantage. The Steel Man technique, on the other hand, flips this strategy on its head. Instead of undermining the opposing viewpoint, it involves building up the other party’s perspective, presenting the strongest version of their case.

The Counterintuitive Power of Building Up: At first glance, the idea of strengthening your opponent’s argument may seem counterproductive. However, the inherent strength of the Steel Man technique lies in its ability to foster collaboration rather than confrontation. By acknowledging the merits of the other party’s perspective, you create a foundation for constructive dialogue.

The Sun and the Wind Parable: An ancient fable featuring the sun and the wind illustrates the principle behind the Steel Man technique. When the wind attempts to forcefully strip a man of his jacket, the man resists. In contrast, the sun, radiating warmth, convinces the man to willingly remove his jacket. Similarly, the Steel Man technique emphasizes persuasion over coercion, fostering an environment conducive to resolution.

Strategic Application in Mediation: In mediation scenarios, where conflicting parties seek resolution through facilitated communication, the Steel Man technique can be a game-changer. Instead of a confrontational approach, each party collaboratively strengthens the other’s argument, promoting understanding and dismantling unnecessary barriers.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: The essence of the Steel Man technique lies in constructing bridges between opposing viewpoints. Rather than emphasizing differences, it encourages finding common ground. By acknowledging the strengths within the other party’s argument, you pave the way for a more cohesive and solution-oriented discussion.

Challenges and Considerations: Implementing the Steel Man technique requires finesse and practice. It involves stepping outside your comfort zone, acknowledging the validity of the other party’s points, and building upon them. Pride and principles may pose obstacles, but the potential for a mutually agreeable resolution makes it a worthy endeavor.

Testing Assumptions and Expanding Perspectives: The Steel Man technique challenges you to test your assumptions and broaden your perspective. By understanding the other side’s arguments from their point of view, you gain insights that may reshape your own beliefs. This nuanced understanding can be pivotal in crafting a solution that incorporates the best aspects of both perspectives.

Elevating Mediation Through the Steel Man Technique: In the intricate dance of mediation, the Steel Man technique emerges as a tool for elevating communication and fostering collaboration. While its application requires finesse and an open mindset, the potential for breakthroughs in understanding and resolution makes it a valuable skill in any negotiation toolbox. Whether you’re navigating legal disputes, contractual discussions, or personal conflicts, consider the transformative power of the Steel Man technique to turn adversaries into allies.

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