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Legal professionals, attorneys, private investigators, and individuals involved in legal disputes or contract conflicts, we want to hear from you! We have a survey designed to gather valuable feedback on the role of mediation in various conflict resolution scenarios. Whether you deal with litigation, contemplated litigation, or other forms of dispute resolution, your insights are crucial to understanding the obstacles and opportunities presented by third-party mediators or facilitators.

Survey Transcript: If you find yourself in a conflict that reaches the level of litigation, contemplated litigation, or any other type of dispute resolution, we’re curious about where mediation fits into the process. Here are the options we’d like your input on:

  1. Mediation is never considered: It’s not a factor, and nobody ever brings it up.
  2. You, as a professional, want to do mediation, but your client doesn’t: You see value in mediation, but your client may not share the same perspective.
  3. The client wants to do mediation, but you don’t think it’s a good idea: Your client is interested in mediation, but you have reservations.
  4. You want it, the client wants it, but the other party doesn’t: Both you and your client are open to mediation, but the opposing side is not interested.

Feel free to share additional scenarios or options, such as if the other side wants mediation but you don’t, or if the court requires it. We’re interested in uncovering the obstacles to involving a third-party mediator in resolving conflicts.

Discussion Points: We’re particularly keen on understanding why mediation may or may not be considered in your specific cases. Please share your thoughts on the following:

  • Client Preferences: Does the client resist mediation, and if so, why? Alternatively, do you, as the legal professional, hesitate to suggest mediation to your client?
  • Perceived Value: If mediation is not pursued, is it because you don’t find it valuable, or do you question its efficacy in certain situations?
  • Opposing Party Dynamics: How does the other side react to the idea of mediation? Are there instances where the opposing party is open to it, but one of the involved parties is not?

Your comments and thoughts on the role of mediation in legal disputes are invaluable. By understanding the obstacles and considerations in choosing mediation, we hope to shed light on how this alternative dispute resolution method can be more effectively integrated into the legal process. Please share your insights below, and let’s work together to enhance our understanding of mediation in the legal landscape. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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