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Thank you for choosing for your court order title documentation needs. We understand the importance of a smooth process, and we’re here to guide you through the steps. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with basic information to kickstart your court order title journey.

Understanding Your Package

Upon receiving your package, locate the top page for a comprehensive checklist outlining the necessary steps for obtaining a court order title. It’s crucial to understand that each county and court may have unique requirements, so prompt action is key to ensure a seamless process.

Signing Documents

One critical aspect is signing the required forms. Please note that your signature is indispensable, and virtually every county mandates an ink-on-paper signature for submitting the package to the court clerk. Ensure that your signature is on all necessary documents before proceeding.

Timely Filing

Courts may have evolving requirements, so it’s advisable to file your package with the court as soon as possible. This prompt action initiates the process and starts the clock ticking towards getting your file in front of the judge or magistrate.

Additional Steps

While the core documents include a petition and affidavit, you may also need to take additional steps. This could involve filing a vehicle history request with your DMV using the included DPPA form. You might also be required to send notices to prior owners, as specified in your package. Start the petition filing with the court promptly to expedite the process.

Tips for Filing

  • Addressing the Court: Your package contains the address of the court. We recommend mailing the documents rather than going in person to minimize courthouse visits.
  • Document Preparation: File the petition and affidavit without an extensive array of supporting documents initially. Let the court guide you on what they need.
  • Scheduling: Initiate the scheduling process with the court as soon as possible. Courts often take some time to provide hearing dates or response dates.

Be Prepared for Court Requirements

Be prepared for potential court requirements, such as VIN verification. Some courts may request a police officer to verify the VIN number, while others might ask you to take a photo of the VIN to confirm possession.

  • Valid ID: Ensure you have a valid ID. If your driver’s license is expired, renew it promptly, as it may be needed during the process.

After Obtaining Judgment

If the court grants you a Judgment of ownership, you’ll need to file it with the DMV. Your package includes paperwork for the DMV title application. Be proactive in completing and submitting this form.

Seeking Assistance

If you have questions not addressed in this guide or your package, reach out to our help desk at While phone support is available, email responses are often faster, given our title processors’ constant engagement with the DMV.

Navigating the court order title process can be complex, but with our guidance and your prompt actions, we aim to streamline the journey. We appreciate the challenges of obtaining titles, and our goal is to minimize bureaucracy and assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out for any assistance, and best of luck with your court order title process!

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