Clean Title VIN Check Not Always Accurate

Do you think you’re safe just because you ran a VIN check on a vehicle before you bought it? Not so fast. In this blog post, we unravel a cautionary tale that highlights the potential pitfalls of relying solely on a VIN check and the importance of securing a valid legal title when purchasing a vehicle.

The Shocking Revelation: Imagine having your vehicle stolen over a decade ago, only to discover that it had been bought and sold multiple times. Now, the current owner faces the disheartening reality of having to give it back because the stolen status wasn’t reported correctly. One crucial DMV mistake played a pivotal role in a judge ruling in favor of returning the vehicle.

The Court Order Title Solution: When it comes to obtaining a title for a vehicle without the right paperwork, the blog emphasizes the significance of a court order title. Despite various methods such as bonded titles and Vermont loopholes, a court order title, backed by a judge’s ruling, overrides all other considerations. The blog explains how this method offers a more secure and reliable outcome, even though other options exist.

The Vermont Loophole and Bonded Titles: Delving into the popular Vermont loophole, the blog acknowledges its prevalence and the associated risks. While bonded titles are an alternative, the post stresses the potential complications and added expenses that come with these methods. The overarching message is clear: a court order title is the safest route.

The Real-Life Scenario: The narrative shifts to a real-life incident where a driver recovered a stolen 71 Nova after 13 years. They believed they legally purchased it, supported by seemingly proper paperwork. However, the DMV’s error in issuing a title with missing information exacerbated the situation. The individual involved was later arrested, emphasizing the serious consequences of DMV mistakes.

The Incompleteness of VIN Checks: The blog sheds light on the limitations of popular VIN check services. While these services provide valuable information, they may not encompass all the data stored by the DMV and other government agencies. The example underscores the importance of going beyond basic online checks and consulting official sources for a comprehensive understanding of a vehicle’s history.

The Importance of a Valid Legal Title: A pivotal point is made regarding the legality of purchasing a vehicle without a valid title. Most states prohibit the sale of a car without a title, making it imperative for buyers to ensure the legitimacy of the title acquisition process. The blog strongly advocates for the court order title process, as endorsed by a Circuit Judge in the mentioned case.

The blog urges readers to exercise caution when purchasing vehicles and to prioritize obtaining a valid legal title. It serves as a stark reminder not to fall for common stories of promised titles after the transaction. The lesson learned is clear: don’t compromise on the legitimacy of your vehicle’s title, and opt for the court order title process to safeguard your investment.

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