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Lumber & Construction 2024 Predictions

The lumber industry has been an essential backbone of construction and the broader economy for many years. In recent times, we’ve experienced significant lumber price fluctuations that have had ripple effects on the real estate market and the construction industry. The dramatic increase in lumber prices in 2020 and 2021 disrupted the construction sector, causing …

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The REAL Reason For Housing Shortages

In this post, we delve into two critical aspects affecting the home building industry – rising construction costs and extensive regulatory delays. These factors have significant implications not only for the construction sector but also for the broader real estate market. Building Costs in a “Death Spiral”: Newsweek recently highlighted a concerning issue in the …

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Can Builders Save The Housing Crisis From 10% Mortgages?

The construction industry is once again in the spotlight, with its dynamics playing a pivotal role in the broader U.S. economy. As we delve into recent economic developments, we find that the intricacies of the construction sector have far-reaching consequences, affecting everything from interest rates to personal finances. This post explores the challenges facing the …

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