Car Titles Q&A – Liens, abandoned, inspections

Today on Car Titles, we delve into real customer messages to shed light on common title-related issues. These examples not only provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by car owners but also offer valuable insights that may resonate with your own experiences.

1. Unraveling the Lien Maze: A Tale from Illinois

“Hello, I bought an old truck with a tangled history—a barn find with a lien. The bank situation is a puzzle, having changed hands multiple times since 2000. Illinois demands a lien release for a bonded title, but getting it seems impossible. What should I do?”

In this scenario, the old lien, though possibly paid off, continues to haunt the vehicle’s record. The solution? Request a lien release from the current bank, but be strategic—put it in writing. If that fails, a court-ordered title may be the lifeline needed to secure the title for your cherished 1965 truck.

2. The Vermont Loophole Misconception: A Warning from California

“I have a California title but want to use the Vermont loophole to register it out of state, avoiding smog checks. Will this work?”

The Vermont loophole isn’t a magic wand to evade smog checks or taxes. Designed to provide a paper trail when a title is missing, it won’t help you bypass California’s strict smog inspection. Using Vermont plates in another state might lead to legal troubles—remember, authorities are well aware of this loophole.

3. Lost Title Dilemma: A Query from Missouri

“I lost the title after buying a vehicle in Missouri. Can I get a duplicate title, or what’s the alternative?”

A lost title is common, but only the current owner (as per the title record) can apply for a duplicate. If that’s not an option, Missouri offers a solution: the bonded title process. Sign affidavits, get a surety bond, and submit it to the DMV. While this process works in most states, be sure to check your state’s rules.

4. Abandoned Vehicle Confusion: Seeking Clarity from an Unclaimed Gift

“A vehicle was left in my yard without a title. Can I file for an abandoned vehicle title?”

Contrary to popular belief, declaring a vehicle abandoned is not a shortcut to ownership. Abandoned vehicles are surrendered to the state, not claimed by the person reporting it. In this case, the vehicle, although a gift, is not abandoned. Explore other avenues for obtaining a title.

These real-life scenarios underscore the complexities of dealing with car titles. Remember, understanding the specific laws and processes in your state is crucial when tackling title challenges. If you have questions or face similar dilemmas, reach out to our hotline or email our help desk. We’re here to assist you on your journey through the maze of car titles. Stay tuned for more insights in our next video!**

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