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In a digital age dominated by texts, apps, and social media, the art of conversation, especially over the phone, seems to be fading away. A recent Business Insider article sheds light on a surprising trend – the increasing difficulty younger workers face when it comes to speaking on the phone at work. It turns out that the rise of smartphones, which prioritize texting and apps over traditional phone calls, has led to a generation gap in communication skills.

The Phone Call Dilemma: Millennials and Gen Z in the Workplace

The article introduces the novel concept of hiring a professional at a rate of $480 an hour to help Millennials overcome their fear of talking on the phone. Initially, one might assume that this service addresses personal communication challenges, but the reality is that many younger employees lack confidence in professional phone conversations. This deficiency is particularly notable in customer service, sales, and order follow-ups.

Smartphones: A Double-Edged Sword

The prevalence of smartphones, designed to be multifunctional with a focus on texting and apps, has inadvertently hindered the development of phone communication skills. While previous generations grew up with a shared household phone on the wall, Millennials and Gen Z have predominantly interacted through text-based mediums. The result is a workforce that struggles to navigate meaningful conversations over the phone.

The High Cost of Communication Training

The article highlights an interesting market dynamic – the demand for communication training is so high that trainers are charging exorbitant rates, such as $500 an hour. This sheds light on the severity of the issue and the lengths companies are willing to go to equip their employees with essential communication skills.

Generational Shift: From Wall Phones to Workshops

Generations that once learned phone etiquette as a basic skill are now witnessing a shift in communication norms. Corporate workshops, charging as much as $3,500, are attempting to bridge the gap in phone communication skills. The fact that companies are willing to invest such significant amounts underscores the crucial role effective communication plays in business interactions.

The Importance of Phone Communication for Consumers

From a consumer perspective, the article emphasizes the importance of phone communication in building relationships. Unlike email or text, phone conversations allow for a dynamic exchange, fostering understanding and preventing misunderstandings due to tone or context.

The Future: Consulting to Fill the Communication Gap

As companies grapple with the challenge of finding employees proficient in phone communication, consulting services emerge as a potential solution. The question remains – will hiring consultants to train Gen Z and Millennials in phone etiquette become a widespread practice?

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