5 Acre+ House Under $200,000

While the pandemic may be over, the desire for more space and a spread-out lifestyle persists. In today’s exploration, we’re reviewing single-family residences in the Southeast, specifically the Carolinas and Georgia, priced under $200,000, each boasting at least five acres of property. Let’s dive into the charming homes that offer both affordability and room to roam.

  1. Kentucky Retreat: $200,000 – 6.5 Acres Located in Kentucky, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom gem spans 2,400 square feet on 6.5 acres. While not a brand-new construction, the house boasts stylish detailing, bay windows, and a cathedral ceiling in the main living areas. With a touch of updating, this property presents a perfect canvas for those seeking a tranquil retreat with ample acreage.
  2. Georgian Charm in Somerville: $180,000 – 5.25 Acres Heading south to Georgia, we find a charming brick Ranch-style home priced at $180,000. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence spans 1,600 square feet on a generous 5.25-acre lot. While needing a bit of updating, this low-slung Ranch offers a level property with the classic Southern touch of Paloma grass in the front yard—a perfect opportunity for those seeking a slice of Georgian charm.
  3. Tennessee Tranquility: $175,000 – 14 Acres Venturing into Tennessee, we discover a smaller house on a vast 14-acre property, priced at $175,000. This three-bedroom residence spans 1,100 square feet, offering plenty of room to roam. While the interior may require some updating, the property provides a blend of cleared space and wooded areas, promising a serene and secluded living experience.
  4. South Carolina Split-Level Deal: $149,000 – 6 Acres Our final stop takes us to South Carolina, where a split-level gem awaits. Priced at an enticing $149,000, this property offers a spacious two thousand square feet on six acres. While some updating may be on the to-do list, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom house provides a fantastic opportunity for those looking for room to grow and a chance to infuse their personal style.

As we explore these affordable homes in the Southeast, it’s evident that dream properties with ample acreage are within reach even with a budget under $200,000. Whether you’re drawn to the Kentucky retreat, the Georgian charm, the Tennessee tranquility, or the South Carolina split-level deal, these properties offer a glimpse into the possibilities of a more spacious and affordable lifestyle.

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